Gentz Barbershop

Tamyra, Professional Loctitian from Chicago, IL joined the Gentz Barbershop team! Ever since Tamyra was a little girl she dreamed of being a hair stylist. Nothing excited her more than creating new styles and the look on the face of a satisfied customer. It wasn't until after graduating Capri Beauty College in 2010 and receiving her Illinois License of Cosmetology that Tamyra realized the lack of knowledge for natural hair care. She began to train with well known Apothecaries and Locticians. Her training, fueled her passion even more. Tamyra's dream of being a hair stylist evolved into being a Loctician. She now has the knowledge and skill of handling coily, kinky, curly, or loc'd hair whether man, woman or child using all natural products and some tender love and care. Knowing how special and unique each individual head of hair is, Tamyra excitedly waits a chance to get to know you and yours! 

"Bringing Back the Art of Barbering"

Natural Hair Care Services with Tamyra

**Please note prices are subject to change after consultation**

                         LOC SERVICES                                                                                                   

Starter Locs                                          $125.00                                                         

1st Time Re-Twist                                  $90.00                                                       

Loc Maintenance                                   $65.00                                                         

Loc Style                                                $20.00                                                      

Loc Maintenance with Style                   $85.00                                                       

1st Time Loc Stitch                                $100.00                                                       

Loc Repair                                             $10.00 per loc                                             


                         BRAID SERVICES


French Braid                                          $35.00-$50.00
French Braid (Extensions)                     $50.00-$65.00
Individual Braids                                    $40.00                          

Indiv. Braids (Extensions)                      $75.00-$125.00
Crochet Braids                                       $60.00-$90.00 

Individual Braids                                     $3.00 per braid
Individual Braids-Extensions                  $5.00 per braid


Comb Twists                                          $60.00

 2 Strand Twists                                     $55.00

Twist Out                                                $25.00

Flat Twist                                               $50.00

Flat Twist with Extensions                     $65.00

Bantu Knots                                           $35.00

Basic Twists                                          $20.00

Weave Twists                                        $35.00


Full Head Sew In                                    $90.00

Partial Sew In                                         $60.00

Frontal Sew In                                      $120.00                     

 Quick Weave                                         $50.00