Tamyra is a professional Loctitian from Chicago, IL who recently relocated to River Falls, WI and is joining the Gentz Barbershop team! Ever since Tamyra was a little girl she dreamed of being a hair stylist. Nothing excited her more than creating new styles and the look on the face of a satisfied customer. It wasn't until after graduating Capri Beauty College in 2010 and receiving her Illinois License of Cosmetology that Tamyra realized the lack of knowledge for natural hair care. She began to train with well known Apothecaries and Locticians. Her training, fueled her passion even more. Tamyra's dream of being a hair stylist evolved into being a Loctician. She now has the knowledge and skill of handling coily, kinky, curly, or loc'd hair whether man, woman or child using all natural products and some tender love and care. Knowing how special and unique each individual head of hair is, Tamyra excitedly waits a chance to get to know you and yours! 




A Little Gentz History

​​Owner, Antonio Small, feels passionate about bringing back the art of Barbering to the River Falls and surrounding communities. Antonio picked up his first pair of clippers at 13 years old and would cut for his family, friends and neighbors. His love of barbering developed at this young age. As life would have it, the two drifted apart and he went to school and became an electrician. After many years in the industry, he realized his job was not fulfilling. Antonio moved from his hometown of Madison, WI to River Falls where he now resides with his significant other, Tina Grant and their two beautiful children. Antonio became reacquainted with his love of barbering and went back to school. With Tina by his side, encouraging him and supporting his love for barbering every step of the way, he graduated school and gained experience at a few area haircutting chains. Through that experience, Antonio felt that barbering needed to make a shift back to when getting a haircut by a neighborhood barber was a memorable, uplifting and positive experience. Where barbering meant treating the client like family and spending time networking and socializing with other gentlemen. With this belief and using a spinoff on the word gentlemen, Antonio trademarked the name Gentz. This is how Gentz Barbershop came to be, from a dream to a reality. Antonio believes in connecting with people beyond the barber chair. Gentz is a barbershop that all men can call their own and get their grooming needs met. Antonio is experienced in cutting all types of hair and knowledgeable in all the latest trends and classic styles. Antonio is now bringing that same belief, passion and dedication to his own barbershop here in River Falls.  Antonio believes that it's more than a haircut, it's an art, a masterpiece. Antonio is bringing back the Art of Barbering to help his upscale male clients look and feel their best.   

Gentz Barbershop opened its doors on February 15, 2016.  We offer world-class cuts and shaves. We're known for our old-school barber shop vibe along with our classic shave, cut & styling. Every haircut and classic shave is executed with precision and style.  Enjoy your services while relaxing to your favorite timeless tunes or enjoying a competitive game of foosball.  Stop in, hang out, enjoy the company and leave looking and feeling your best.

In January 2017, Kaitlin Hoefer, Barber, joined the Gentz Barbershop team.

Due to the high volume of requests, Gentz has expanded our services to include Natural Hair Care services for men, women and children. In March 2017, Tamyra joined our team as a professional Loctitian.  Check out the section "Natural Hair Care Services" to see the services that Tamyra is providing.

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Antonio (Tony) Small, Master Barber/Owner, is an accomplished professional who is dedicated to bringing back the art of barbering for his discerning male clients. Tony continues to train extensively to deliver outstanding results for his clients.  He is a master of each unique style, including superior fades, military cuts, the latest trend cuts, the classic flat top, and more.  

Gentz Barbershop

Stay tuned for Tamyra's story.

Kaitlin is from Baldwin, WI and recently moved to River Falls in September 2016. She went to beauty school at CVTC in Eau Claire, WI and graduated school knowing that she wanted to specialize in Men's haircuts. Kaitlin made that dream come true and has been a successful barber for the past year while also operating her own photography business on the side. She's very excited to expand her career at Gentz Barbershop!

"Bringing Back the Art of Barbering"

We are currently looking to hire our next team member, Barber/Men's Hair Stylist!

Please email gentzbarbershop@gmail.com or call us 715-821-2882. Joining our team is an opportunity you don't want to miss! We hope to hear from you soon!!!